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I have been personally aware of their fine work for some time, but have worked directly with them only for the last year during our new office renovation. They have been involved in the planning and design of the new Medlife offices, of 402 sqm and also delivered fine furniture for our common areas.


Hemonides have being proven to be creative, dependable and flexible. They possess impressive interpersonal skills and practical ideas. The company worked well with our company’s requirements and needs. While we were only at the preliminary design phase, it was clear that their thinking on our behalf extended all they way through to project completion. They presented alternatives well, and actively listen to the comments and needs of all our employees.

The final result of our new offices renovation is absolutely stunning and meets our expectations.


I look forward to a continuing professional relationship with Hemonides as we continue the development of our company. It is really great to work closely with them also on a personal level.”



Mr. Aristodemos Aristodemou

Member of the Board of Directors

Medlife Insurance Limited





We have known the Hemonides firm for the last 10 years and have worked with them on numerous occasions over this period. We have collaborated with them on various projects that were all completed with the utmost professionalism and more importantly with the attention to detail that we always expect for our brand. The projects that they have worked on for us include the original design of the new Microsoft Cyprus offices in Nicosia back in 2008 as well as numerous renovation jobs since then, which also comprised of a beautiful re-design of our veranda into a multi-functional work and relaxation space.


Furthermore, Hemonides was also responsible for the design of our Microsoft Innovation Center at the European University. The key quality of the firm that makes them a leader of their industry is their ability to come up with unique design details that also incorporate functionality which is important for us an innovative brand that also requires practicality. Throughout all the projects they were able to promptly solve any issues that arose, especially through their efficient on site supervision. Whether the job was a start to finish new construction, or a total remodel, Hemonides managed to design and finish each project to our complete satisfaction and more importantly in a timely manner.


Further to the design projects already completed, we also continue to have an ongoing collaboration with them on several event planning and graphic design projects. We have complete trust in the Hemonides firm and would not hesitate to recommend them for any job in the design and construction industry. The fact that we continue to employ them as and when we need to is a testament to the high standard of their design abilities and excellent work ethic.”


Panayiotis Ioannou
Country Manager